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What is call tracking

Published: 04.08.2022

Which companies can use call tracking?Call tracking is the tracking of incoming calls from potential leads who have found your phone number after being influenced by marketing. So you track that someone took the number from, for example, your website.

As a company, you probably have been involved in several different marketing activities. If you do not have a webshop or an online booking system, but instead have calls as your most important conversion action, then call tracking should be a central part of your lead tracking setup.

Track the effectiveness of your marketing with call tracking

If a potential customer found you through a Google Ads search ad or a Facebook ad, you can trace the call back to this marketing channel. Yes, all the way back to which campaign, advertisement and search term led to the inquiry.

When the user clicked on your website via an advertisement, your main number will be replaced by a call tracking number, which, when forwarded to your main number, also registers which marketing activity has led to the call.

There are therefore many good examples of call tracking. Online, you typically use dynamic call tracking https://callgear.com/, which works by dynamically replacing your number with a random forwarding number from the pool for each session. In this way, the call can be traced back to the source that caused the call.

If on the other hand, you want to track the effect of offline marketing from e.g. printed media, this can be done with a static call tracking number. If customer calls the static tracking number, thay are automatically forwarded to your specified telephone number, and registered in the same way as described before.

Setting up a call tracking agency

Why is it important to trace a call?

It is important when your new customers primarily come through the calls as the first point of contact. If you use several different sales and marketing activities, it is essential to have an idea which of these activities are worth spending money and time on.

And that is precisely the kind of insight that call tracking will give you.

Perhaps you, as a company, you have also tried to hire an external party responsible for lead generation via paid advertising. If so, you may have been sent a consultant report that you got a certain number of conversions and asked if you should raise the budget to get more conversions. Perhaps you have noticed progress yourself, too, but with lack proof of how many new customers your external consultant has acquired for you.

You can get answers to all of that with call tracking. At Morningtrain, we use the Danish tool Trailhub for call tracking of leads via calls. With our own internal system, we also make sure to follow these leads to the door to track the number of customers and revenue that marketing has generated. A call, in other words a lead, is not worth much if it does not become a customer.

Track the effectiveness of your marketing with call tracking

We therefore say no thanks to guesswork and gut feelings, and give you truthful data so that you can make the right decisions at the right times.

Call tracking is essential when calculating ROI

When you need to calculate the return on your marketing initiatives for lead generation, call tracking is essential. By using a tool like Trailhub to track calls, and then follow up on which calls turned into sales, you can almost accurately calculate your ROI for each of your marketing channels. You know who called and how much this new contact is worth if an order is closed.

On an operational level, you will be able to use this knowledge to make decisions about where budgets should be allocated and which activities should be scaled back. Without call tracking with subsequent follow-up from lead to customer, you are operating blind, and in all probability not getting the most out of your sales and marketing activities.

Why is it important to trace a call?

Which companies can use call tracking?

Some businesses are more obvious to use than others, but all businesses where calls are the primary conversion action from new customers will benefit from call tracking.

Unless you have a webshop or a booking system, new customers will mainly contact you by phone with a view to becoming a customer of yours. If so, we strongly encourage you to use call tracking with your marketing to ensure you can allocate money and resources in the best possible way.

In certain cases, you may also receive inquiries from new potential customers via email or contact form. These inquiries can also be registered with Morningtrack to collect all data on leads in one place.